Phantom Pain VR/AR

The first of Korea  VR/AR rehabilitation program for overcoming phantom pain

for patients who underwent quadruple amputation! 

One has no choice but to resort to hospital treatments for phantom pain. 

We will ease the distance constraints and the burden of expenses.

The Meeting of 'VR/AR Technology' and 'Mirror Therapy Rehabilitation Method'

 (*Mirror Therapy: a therapy in which a mirror is placed between the arms so that the image of a moving non-affected limb gives the illusion of normal movement in the affected limb.)

  Knowing how desperate and important rehabilitation treatment is for patients,

 we took great pains in the development process. 

 "Would there any way that patients can reduce the burden of high medical expenses and rehabilitate

 in a variety of ways, not far away but somewhere near them?"

That is how 'Phantom Pain VR/AR Therapy,' Rising Craft's Technology, was born!

Various Rehabilitation Programs

1. Meditation Program

Patients' stress management, psychotherapy

 2. Upper Limb Rehabilitation Program

Jenga, hand painting, tennis, ball catching, etc.

 3. Lower Limb Rehabilitation Program

Paddling feet in water, foot painting, soccer, cycling, etc.

You can use Phantom Pain VR/AR Therapy this way.

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